Skills & Career Acceleration Suite for Enterprises 

Learning as a culture 

From employee learning to employee engagement to employee experience

The power of 360-degree skill building for your employees with our comprehensive, skill-based mobile training systems to:

  • Grow employees’ knowledge & prepare them for their next roles
  • Quickly improve employees’ everyday tasks with engaging, practical lessons 
  • Cultivate functional, digital, and behavioral skills, personalized for each industry and role.   
  1. Streamline onboarding
  2. Skill-building 
  3. Career development 
  4. Continuous learning 

Engage and delight employees through an AI-powered learning engine L&D assistance

Drive Engagement with end – to – end learning culture 

Engage and delight employees through an AI-powered learning engine across multiple layers, including social workplace interactions and the content you create.

  1. Skill-based thinking 
  2. Multidimensional microlearning 
  3. Live virtual coaching 
  4. Digitally- led classroom training 
  5. Social Learning 
  6. AI-powered recommendations 
  7. Conversation learning bots 
  8. Manager-led analytics 

To help employees master the skills they need to advance their careers. 

A career & skill acceleration suite designed to make skill-building easy and meaningful for employees for all levels. Empowering employees with a platform that tracks progress, teaches skills that apply to their day-to-day work and gives them the opportunity to purse career-advancing lessons – breaking down what is required to get promoted into concrete modules. The important asset of any business is its people: the more they grow, the stronger your business becomes from the ground up. If you’re ready for your business to grow, its time to give your employees the opportunity to make their career goals a reality. Disprz the knowledge, see the growth! 

Little Bridge

The playful way to learn English!

An award-winning, research-backed platform where children learn English quickly and effectively, where students are inspired to succeed with personalized and contextualized learning across the important skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  

Little bridges support the Cambridge Young Learners: Starters, Movers and Flyers, and KET for the Schools, the Common European Framework and the Us State Common Core Standards 

  1. Comprehensive, customizable digital assessment tests
  2. Specially written songs, poems, and stories 
  3. Full correlation, Scope and Sequence, and Language Summary information 
  4. Multi-language support, Who’s Who and the ‘ My Dictionary” tool
  5. Grammar Factory – a brilliant way to present key grammar

Children are able to learn through stories, activities & games, all underpinned by robust pedagogy ( aligned to international standards) and by practicing their English with other users in our social community. Little bridge gives a real purpose and motivation to learn as the users are able to use their new English skills immediately, by making friends and communicating in English with others from around the world in our social community.


When learning Comes to Life 

Eureka is a 3D educational software solution in the subject of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. This helps students from Elementary to High School to visualize and enjoy learning the various topics. It also helps teachers make their work extremely efficient, enriching the overall teaching experience and is an effective aid when it comes to explaining topics in more depth. It makes learning more fun and interesting, providing an interactive experience for teachers and students. 

  1. 3D Animated Videos: Students will be able to watch 3D Animated Videos on topics they are currently studying in class. This will help them visualize and understand the concept of the subject matter better. 
  2. Review Notes: Teachers can choose to make the topic notes for students to take home and read letting students prepare for classes in advance.   
  3. Stimulations: The simulations allow students to enjoy fun activities whether they are small experiments or exercises that are related to the subject matter they have just been taught.  
  4. Quizzes: Teachers will have a chance to test students to see if the class has understood the topic in the day’s lesson.  
  5. Web Links: These links are provided for students who want to do further research on a certain topic. The links come in a website format and are just one click away. 
  6. LMS ( Learning Management System): Aimed mainly at teachers and allows them to plan lessons during the day or a course of the term through its variety of functions.

Content Library: The Science and Mathematics topics have been mapped as per the leading International Curriculums. Our content library consists of 1,850 topics.

With these various functions that come with software that simplify and organize teachers workload such as LMS ( Learning Management System). LMS allows practical and quick ways of organizing teacher’s daily tasks from Lesson Planning, Test and Exam Preparations to Student Results and much more.

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